Work list for cleanup days 2013


Spring Cleanup and Projects Comments
Rake 2 inches of mulch out of beds Ken Supervise
Pull weeds Ken Supervise
Spread Mulch lighlty Ken Supervise
Inspect playground equipment and repair damage Dean Supervise
Paint playground equipment Dean Supervise
Power wash tennis court Ken Supervise
New floor on playground equipment Dean Supervise
Power wash entrance fences/Paint if necessary afterward Dean Supervise
Throw away wooden can enclosures and purchase new cans Dean Supervise
Throw away junk in field and cement posts under deck Dean Supervise
Rake acorns out of sand around playground and fill low spots Ken Supervise
Repair picnic tables Dean Supervise
Move and consolidate liriope at Devin entrance Ken Supervise
Divide more perennials as time allows at pool Ken Supervise
Inspect playground equipment for loose bolts, etc. and repair Dean Supervise
Work on bike rack at pool entrance/or replace Dean Supervise
Limb up Big Holly at clubhouse entrance Ken Supervise
Pull annual flowers at front entrance and clean beds Ken Supervise
Wyndam Way Colvert Ken Supervise
Cut stump lower in bed at pool entrance Ken Supervise
Trim ligustrum hedges/Remove ligustrum hedges Ken Supervise
Till and sod large spots at clubhouse back and next to playground Ken/Dean
Spread more seed down along the road Ken/Dean
Garden fence stuff Contact Harrison


Windsor Forest Pool Grounds Clean Up Work List 2013
Contact: Heather Moore 229-1079
Saturday April 27 ,8:00 am, Second Cleanup Day is May 4,  8 am
If you can’t make either date  PLEASE let us know and you can do a task at your leisure
Assigned to : Done Task
Make list of volunteers attending/take photos
Pressure wash walk up to pool entrance
Paul Reeser Done Pressure wash pool deck
Prep/Paint Diving Board Bases (Green-Treat Rust first)
Clean the threads on the anchors in the pool deck for the pool cover
Install stair handrails in pool-Use wood shims
Paint fence-big task but one we would love to achieve soon!!!!
Empty bathrooms, clean and arrange furniture
Prep and paint chairs and tables as needed ( black) re-weld if necessary..most look very good!
Caulk seams/ cracks in concrete between pool and deck
Hang pool signs, bulletin boards etc.
Check and install all umbrellas
Screw pool cover bolts into pool deck flush (spray with wd 40 first)
Clean and put lifeguard chair on stand
Make sure no weeds are growing on pool deck
Clean all white pool furniture
Plant flowers in pots
Stain dive stands, bench, lifeguard chair-We would really love this done this year!!!!!!
Office Clean out and reorganization
Assemble new deck tables
Restock supplies and First Aid Kit
Check all exterior lights , replace burned out light on pole.
Grade trail to Tyndall ct and put stairs in
Please Bring rakes, wheelbarrows, shovels, blowers, Pruners, hedge trimmers, weed eaters
Paint Rollers, Paint Brushes, Garden Sprayers, Pitchforks, Caulk Guns, Scrub Brushes
Pressure Washers, garden hose