Windsor Forest Clean Up Day this Saturday

You know how the local kindergarten teachers refer to homework as “homefun?” Well, it’s time for some Windsor Forest “FUN!” And by that we mean fall cleaning for the grounds and clubhouse. So come on and have some FUN on Saturday, October 20, from 8:00 am – 12:00 noon at the clubhouse

Grounds items

Replace turnbuckles on swing set

Remove Tennis Court Windscreens

Fix Pipe over Tennis Court Entrance door

Rewire one end of Tennis court fence

Dump Trash cans and throw away wooden enclosures

Remove old WFA sign on hill

Blow out beds and walks around clubhouse

Cut back some dead in perennials out front

Smooth out ruts in mulch in rear

Throw away junk in field and cement posts under deck

Spread topsoil, spread seed, and laydown fabric on road to prevent erosion

Rake acorns out of sand

Repair picnic tables

Tools needed:

Blowers, wheelbarrows, shovels, steel rakes, l;eaf rakes, wire cutters, tall step ladders, pliers, hammers, utility knifes, hand pruners, utility knife, bolt cutter, truck/trailer to haul away junk

Clubhouse work items

remove wallpaper from kitchen

prep kitchen walls with drywall compound and then sand

paint kitchen walls

paint kitchen cabinets

paint kitchen trim

replace fogged sliding door near kitchen

hang shutters in kitchen pass-through

replace flourescent light bulbs in women’s bathroom

install spotlight on clubhous exterior

replace bulbs on existing spotlights

install paper towel holders in men and women bathrooms

install/replace toilet paper holders in men and womens bathroom

remove junk from clubhouse storage room

Near Future Project: replace flooring in the clubhouse.  If interested in helping, please contact Jen Contrucci at 757-903-5175.