Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a national program that is based on the principle that neighbors working together are the first and best line of defense against crime.


What Neighborhood Watch Is
Neighborhood Watch is really just an extension of what you are probably already doing on an informal basis. We tend to know and watch out for our closest neighbors, but a group of neighbors at one end of the Neighborhood who are doing this may not know the group of neighbors at the other end of the Neighborhood. Organizing a Neighborhood Watch makes this attitude of watchfulness more systematic, and provides a Neighborhood map with neighbors’ names and telephone numbers that can be used in case of an emergency.
It takes two commitments:
A commitment to be concerned about your neighbor’s property as well as your own, and a commitment that when you see suspicious activity, you will take action by first calling your neighbor, second if your neighbor is not home, call the James City County Police non-emergency number 566-4310 or 566-0112 .
What Neighborhood Watch is Not
Neighborhood Watch doesn’t require you to perform any special tasks, go to a lot of meetings, or take on extra responsibilities. You don’t have to patrol the neighborhood, or chase burglars. Neighborhood Watch just involves being alert as a part of your everyday life. For example, when you go to the window to open or close the drapes, instead of just opening or closing them and turning away, you might stop for a second and glance around the neighborhood to be sure everything is okay. When you go out to get in the car to go to work, instead of heading for the car with “tunnel vision,” glance up and check the neighborhood. It is this kind of “watching” that is involved.
Being a part of a Neighborhood Watch doesn’t require you to live in your neighbor’s hip pocket, or tell them every aspect of your business. You can still conduct your life in privacy. All it requires is that you and your neighbors be familiar enough with each other to know who belongs in the neighborhood and who doesn’t; which cars are a part of the neighborhood and which aren’t; and when something suspicious is going on. It doesn’t require you to be any friendlier than you want to be.

Neighborly Responsibilities
1. Report suspicious activities to JCC Police non- emergency number 566-4310 or 566-0112.

2. Report emergencies (defined as possible bodily harm or injury) to 9-1-1 immediately.
3. Call your Neighborhood Watch Captain (currently vacant) after you have called the Police.

Individual responsibilities
·Engrave your property with your driver’s license number.
·Keep an inventory sheet of valuables.
·Lock your doors and windows whenever you leave home, even if it is for a short time.
·Update security by installing deadbolt locks on exterior doors and additional locks on vulnerable windows.
·Use electric timers on lamps and radios.
·Light up the front and back entryways at night, whether you are home or not!
·Be sure your house address is visible from the street.
For more local information:   JCC Crime Prevention Website
Virginia Sex Offender Registry
The Police Dept. now has “TEXT-A-TIP”
Now you can text or e-mail crime tips to the James City County Police using this address:
In an effort to foster an open line of communication with law-abiding citizens of James City County, the Police Department has developed a new program in which text messages can now be used to report criminal activity.
Anyone with an e-mail address or cellular phone with texting abilities can now contact police and remain anonymous (standard texting charges may apply).
This form of communication should not be used in the event of an emergency;  please call 911!
Door to door
sale of products in James City County is illegal without a permit issued by the
county. If you get a solicitor, please call the Police (non-emergency #  566-0112) and let the police check them out.