From the heart club

Windsor Forest’s “From the Heart Club” is expanding!
As you may remember, this group was established in 2002 to help out neighbors needing
short-term help, such as meals, transportation, baby-sitting, pet help, mail collection, and so
on. Recently we have mostly provided meals to neighbors in need (for new babies, postsurgery,
etc). We would like to expand our helping capabilities to include
performing small home maintenance tasks for elderly or disabled residents.
Many of these tasks are just out of reach and often result in excessive payment for services.
For example, an elderly lady paid $20 to have someone come replace a ceiling light bulb.
For just a few minutes of time we can help our neighbors with some basic tasks, which could
• Replacing ceiling light bulbs, outside floor light bulbs, post lamp bulbs
• Replace HVAC filters
• Small shopping trips (may include with your own daily shopping activityprescriptions,
stamps, groceries, mail packages, etc.)
• Moving storage boxes to/from attic
• Periodic check-in via phone or personal visit to see if all is ok
• Fixing minor computer glitches, such as stuck email
• Drop off donations to charity organizations who don’t pick up
• Return/pick up library books
If you are handy and/or just would like to help your neighbor, please contact me,
Camiel Sims, at or 564-0124 to be added to the list. Please
provide your name(s), phone, EMAIL, and address. Then when I receive word that
someone needs help, I will email out to the group and see who can respond.
If you are someone (or know someone) who might benefit from some help, please
contact me! I will use discretion and only share your relevant information just with our
group of helpers. I will not email the entire WF listserv-just our list of handy helpers.
Camiel Sims 
120 Hempstead Rd
From the Heart Club