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Hello and Happy 2017!  Your Windsor Forest Board of Directors is excited to begin another year full of activities and neighborhood fun.

For you returning residents, we have a few changes to announce this year. (No, the dues have not increased – same as last year!) First, please note the  WF address below. Second, payments are due by May 15, 2017, which is earlier than last year. And lastly, after receiving feedback, we have simplified the forms. There are 2 forms attached – one for homeowners, one for tenants. If you are a homeowner, fill out and send us the Homeowner Form, throw away the Tenant Form; if you are a tenant, fill out and send us the Tenant Form, throw away the Homeowner Form.

Windsor Forest is a voluntary homeowners association – but it is one with a rich tradition of participation by its residents. The dues you pay provide access to and support of our wonderful neighborhood amenities (the clubhouse, tennis courts, playground, attractive neighborhood entrances, along with a pool facility that is available to all who wish to join), and they also help foster the community of neighbors we have built here. We have wonderful youth and adult social events throughout the year for our Members. If you haven’t joined in the past, please consider joining this year. We would love to see more of you!

Please note that once again, the Board has established a payment plan option that provides you with the opportunity to pay in installments in February, March, April and May. Just check the payment plan box on the enclosed form. Please mail your payment to the address below and include the form provided with this letter.

Windsor Forest Association
P.O. Box 5602
Williamsburg, VA 23188

Please remember to list your email address on the form so you can be included in group emails to the association. Also “friend” the association on Facebook, at Windsor Forest HOA, as this is another way for us to communicate neighborhood happenings.

THANK YOU on behalf of your Windsor Forest Board of Directors!

Payment forms are below. Please print and send in with your payment.

WFA- Invoice Form 2017 OWNERS

WFA — Invoice Form 2017 Tenants

WFA — Nonresident Billing Letter 2017

* Definition for Senior Rate : two cohabiting adults at least one of whom is age 65 or over on the day membership begins. If neither adult has reached age 65, the Couple category is appropriate. If there are minors living in the home, a Family membership is appropriate.