As you should know from past editions of the Forester, WFA is short 2 board members, following the annual meeting last December.  Specifically, no one stepped forward at the annual meeting or the weeks thereafter to serve as President of WFA or to run the swim team following Kelly Kale’s and Cater Lowry’s decision to step down after three years of managing the Frogs.  Jennifer Contrucci and Erin Ellis kindly agreed to take on the swim team, with Jennifer being the designated WFA board member.  Jennifer Contrucci cannot be expected to handle both the clubhouse and the significant responsibility of the swim team, especially when so many in our neighborhood cannot find the time to take on even one job.  As no one has stepped forward to take Jennifer’s place, THE CLUBHOUSE IS NOW CLOSED AND UNAVAILABLE FOR ANY ACTIVITY WHICH IS NOT SPONSORED BY WFA. This means that social functions, such as graduation, holiday, and birthday parties, classes, and other events will have to find another location.  It also means that WFA will lose much-needed revenue from Clubhouse rentals.  If you want to see the Clubhouse remain available for public use, please contact Alison Lennarz ( to volunteer for this position.  For more information about what is involved, please see the Windsor Forest Directory, which contains a job description, or contact Jennifer Contrucci.


Dean Whitehead has agreed to serve as acting Vice President of the Association, in addition to serving as Grounds Director, until someone else steps up to fill one of those two positions.  Therefore, we still need either a Vice President of the Association or a Grounds Director, as it is similarly expecting too much to ask one person to wear two hats, especially when we have plenty of people in Windsor Forest with the ability to handle one of those jobs.


Finally, we urgently need volunteers to chair the following committees:


  • Development:   When the neighborhood considered and discussed the proposed Declaration and Amended Bylaws, which would have made membership in WFA and the payment of annual assessments obligatory for those who signed it,  several people stated that such a drastic solution was not necessary, because Windsor Forest could raise funds it needs in other ways.  It would be particularly encouraging to see those who did not support the proposed Declaration and Amended Bylaws step forward to work on alternative solutions.  This committee will work closely with the Long Range Planning Committee and the Membership Committee.


  • Membership:  Every year, several residents who are not members of WFA contact the WFA board for assistance with neighborhood matters.  Most recently, a neighbor called to request that WFA remove a fallen tree from the WFA common area.  When asked if the neighbor would join WFA, he stated that his son was not yet old enough to use the pool.  Many Windsor Forest homeowners do not understand the role of WFA, how it functions, the difference their $220 dues makes to the neighborhood, or the extended payment option.  The Membership Committee is very important to educating residents and requires reaching out to neighbors. WFA cannot fulfill its obligations to maintain the common areas without dues-paying members.


Many hands make light work, so please consider what contribution you will make.  Thank you for your help in keeping Windsor Forest a wonderful place to live!

Alison V. Lennarz- President Windsor Forest Association