Forester Update

The Board listing in the April Forester contains some outdated and erroneous information. It should read as follows:

Board of Directors:

• President—Alison Lennarz
• Vice President—Dean Whitehead
• Treasurer—Andy Sims
• Secretary—Dinda Westbrock
• Adult Social—Harrison Bresee
• Clubhouse—Mary Berry
• Grounds—Ken Butler
• Hospitality—Barbara Streb
• Newsletter—Annbeth Borg
• Pool—Heather Moore
• Swim Team—Jennifer Contrucci
• Youth Social—Liz Sykes

Committees of the Board:

o Architectural Review—Tom French, Chair
o Decorations—Martha Rex/Marina Shawcross, Co-Chairs
o Development—Chair needed
o Garden—Harrison Bresee, Chair
o Long Range Planning—Liz Friel, Chair
o Membership—Chair needed
o Neighborhood Watch—Leslie Reeser, Chair
o Webmaster—John Womeldorf