Day two of WF Workday is tomorrow. Saturday at 8am

Thanks to all who came out last weekend ! We have another work day scheduled tomorrow 5/4/2013.. IF you can’t make it but want to take on a task contact Mary Berry, Heather Moore or Dean Whitehead


Below is the clubhouse work list: Others to follow.

1. Paint kitchen! Walls are primed and prepped. The walls will be painted light yellow and the trim will be white. (2nd coat)

2. Put Christmas tree (in storage room) and presents in attic.

3. Put up plaques in main room. Make sure to use existing holes if possible. Most important ones are the 1000 pt club, then the 500 pt club, then the others (according to Cay Pittman).

5. Paint tables and mirrors in bathrooms. (Done but need to put hardware back on).

6. Install paper towel holders in bathrooms and in kitchen.

7. Install toilet paper holder in women’s room (stall on the right).

8. Hang Big WF over fireplace (it was painted last week).

9. Sweep out fireplace.

10. Hang picture of WF and mirror in hallway.

11. Put longer pulls on the ceiling fans (longer chains and new pulls provided).

12. Touch up paint in hallway.