A message from Drew Larsen, President, Windsor Forest Association:

We work all year to support the neighborhood, but we cannot do it without everyone’s help.
“Why do you join?” I enjoyed reading their responses and I thought I’d share a few with you below:

“We join because it makes us feel we are contributing to the neighborhood, even if we can’t always volunteer. We join because we appreciate the work that goes into the beautiful front entrances. We join to thank and support those who contribute to our neighborhood.” ~ The Blocks, Buford Road, Members for 11 years

“We love Windsor Forest. The HOA is there to act on the behalf of all of us when there are external problems and threats to be answered such as (in the olden days) the routing of 199, the building of a Busch turf farm, and now the Longhill Road widening.” ~The Careys, Hempstead Road, Members for 37 years

“People live in a neighborhood but choose to be part of a community, and so to join WFA and pay our dues is our choice to be part of the Windsor Forest family.” ~ The Vrettos, Sussex Court, Members for 32 years

“We join to support the upkeep of our beautiful neighborhood. There are costs for landscaping, maintenance and repairs. The seasonal flowers and decorations at all of the entrances are lovely. And we should all share in those expenses. The annual fee is minimal. Come on neighbors – join WFA and show your support for our wonderful neighborhood and all of the volunteers who keep it going!!” ~ The Farrs, Tyndal Court, Members for 23 years

“My husband and I both grew up in the neighborhood as members of the WFA. I can’t imagine living anywhere else, and I cannot imagine a better way to support such a great community than being a WFA member.” ~The Spicers, Bransford Court, Members for 8 years

“We join because we care about our neighborhood’s appearance–we love The Forest and want others to love it too.” ~ The Meeks, Devon Road, Members for 4 years

“The Association is the backbone of the neighborhood and it is a basic responsibility of the residents to support an organization from which they gain so many benefits seen and unseen.” ~The Pittmans, Sheffield Road, Members for 29 years

“We join the WFA to aid in keeping the neighborhood’s property values up and to join our amazing pool!” ~ The Moores, Somerset Court, Members for 14 years

“I join because I like living in a community where there are street lights, and cared for entrances, and attractive amenities like a pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, playground, and gatherings for residents of all ages and parades and lots more, and all of these raise my personal property’s value and need to be funded.” ~ Ann Meyer, Buford Road, Member for 37 years

“We joined WFA because we wanted to become a part of the neighborhood, help protect the huge investment we just made, and to pay our fair share for all of the great work done by the association.” ~ The Parishers, Berkshire Road, Member for 3 years “Joining the Windsor Forrest Association is a commitment we feel, and a responsibility to keep our neighborhood beautiful and safe.” ~ The Wichmanns, Sussex Court, Member for over 30 years.

Please join, go to: http://windsorforesthoa.com/join-wfa/

Welcome to the Windsor Forest Association website.  Here you can find information about the activities, amenities, clubs, and committees in our neighborhood.

“You belong” in Windsor Forest, so join your neighbors in supporting our community, participating in our many activities, and enjoying our beautiful amenities!

History: The Windsor Forest neighborhood was developed by  Robert S. Hornsby, Sr.  From the early 1950s, Hornsby was active not only in real estate development but also in the community. He served on the board of the Alumni Association of William and Mary , as a trustee on the board of Williamsburg Community Hospital, and as president of the Golden Horseshoe Club. Hornsby designed Windsor Forest to work in unison with its natural surroundings, creating an organic, thriving atmosphere.